Unica is bred by us, db. 4.2.2010. She is champion of Finland, Sweden and Estonian Junior Winner 2011. Unica has won the females being BOS in the past two Dogo Argentino Specialty shows of Finland under judges Mr. Serafino Bueti (Italy) and Mr. Carlos Bellavitis (Argentina) and gotten the best Finnish born female circulating trophy three years in a row. At the European Dog Show 2011 in Holland Unica won intermediate class and was placed third best female. In World Dog Show 2013 in Hungary Unica got shortlisted (177 Dogos entered). In dog shows in Finland Unica has gone 3 x BOB, 6 x BOS and 3 x CACIB.
Unica has a strong but stable mentality.

Father of the litter: Papeano de Doña Cecilia, HD-A, ED-0, BAER +/+ (Origin Argentina)
Papeano is the son as well as grandson of the world famous Gandhi de Doña Cecilia. Gandhi is the son of Euro Winner and Junior World Winner Pampero Ackon Cahuak, who is the son of World Winner Talisman de la Vieja Diana and World Winner Tala Ackon Cahuak. Papeano's pedigree is full of very interesting dogs from old, argentine bloodlines. Papeano is a dog with stunning looks, correct structure and type, and a strong but kind and stable mentality (exactly what we were looking for from a male to match Unica).

We have extremely high expectations with this upcoming litter, hoping to see many of Unica's and Papeano's offspring in the showrings, loving family companions as well as working trials.

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@tigidas.fi. You can also reach us by calling +358 400 814 818.
You can contact us in finnish and english. Juuso